Judy’s Book Makeover Almost Complete

Thanks to Gary Price (again) for alerting me to some UI and content changes at Judy’s Book. Here’s their post on the changes and here’s the new site:

Judy’s Book redesign

It’s a local shopping/coupons site now — the metamorphosis is all but complete — and a distribution partner for ShopLocal (and ValPak) among others. One way to look at this new Judy’s Book is as the “Oodle of coupons and deals.”

Notwithstanding ValPak’s brand recognition in direct mail coupons offline, there’s no single destination of choice for local coupons and deals. It’s a huge potential growth area online and Judy’s Book, if they’re smart, could be one of the winners in the space.


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  1. Local Deals Up and Running at Starting Up by Rahul Pathak Says:

    […] Sterling has a post up about our new deals […]

  2. raymond b Says:

    it still looks like a work in progress to me.

    a few shortcomings:
    – there is no way to create your own deal in a city like San Francisco.
    – they ask you to “enhance” deals they already have from partners, but all of those are expired.
    – they list deals by popularity but don’t tell you what that means? Previously there was digg like voting on deals, but now that is gone.

    on the plus side:
    – nifty google maps mashup of coupon locations
    – piles of filtering options

  3. Rahul Pathak Says:


    Thanks for taking the time to check out the site and for the feedback. You’re right, we’re still working on filling out our local deals offering and you should see progress against the items you mentioned in short order. User-posted local deals is definitely a high priority item.

    Regarding the expired deals from partners, we screwed up. Our goal is to provide current deals for individuals to enhance. Once they’ve done that, they earn commissions whenever those deals generate purchases. Deals in that area of the site should be current and we will fix that asap.

    Thanks again for the feedback and the kind words on the local deal mapping features. Please feel free to drop me a line with any other thoughts/comments.


    VP Product

    rpathak at judysbookteam dot com

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