Eurekster Grabs $5.5M B Round

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Social and veritical search provider Eurekster just announced that it closed a Series B round for $5.5 million.

Here’s a previous post of mine on some recent product changes and innovations that make its flagship Swicki product more social and Wiki-like:

Eurekster has added “Q&A” functionality to Swickis and the ability for site users to add links directly into the site’s index. And you can now vote on the relevance of any result in the site/Swicki index.

Here’s a Swicki search result for “Danny Sullivan” on TechCrunch, for example. At the top of the search results page are links to modules where you can ask a question of the site’s user community or add a result to the database.

Here’s more on the new features from the Eurekster blog.

Simultaneously Eurekster is building a targeted ad network with its widely distributed Swickis. Advertisers can purchase individual sites using Swickis and ultimately (coming soon) categories of Swickis to reach specific audiences.

The Swicki is one of the early widgets and its adoption by bloggers has helped propel the emergence of the new “widget economy.”

Here’s a bit more on Eurekster and its model and on the funding history from Matt Marshall at VentureBeat.


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