Yahoo! Using Craigslist to Fill HotJob

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Donna Bogatin found a slightly embarrassing job posting for a HotJobs sales rep position on Craigslist. Is this simply “covering the bases” or an admission that HotJobs by itself can’t get the job done? Yahoo! would undoubtedly say the former.

Here’s a similar posting in the SF Bay Area (click to enlarge image):

Hotjobs on Craigslist

Related: Editor & Publisher reports, using comScore data, that HotJobs is catching up to its competitors:

Granted, HotJobs is working off a smaller base. In December, HotJobs claimed a little more than 6 million unique visitors, while CareerBuilder and Monster had more than 10 million and 11 million, respectively. But in January, the gap was closing, with more than 10 million unique visitors for HotJobs, more than 12 million for CareerBuilder, and more than 14 million for Monster.


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