Citysearch & InsiderPages Take Two

I just spoke to Citysearch, which said that they’re going to preserve the InsiderPages brand as complementary to Citysearch’s core strengths. If they had completely absorbed the site/reviews and eliminated the brand it would have ultimately not been as valuable an acquisition for IAC.

But the question of how to position the four local brands at IAC is something of a challenge: Ask City, Citysearch, ServiceMagic and, now, InsiderPages.

As I told Kevin Newcomb at ClickZ this does give them more “shelf space” in local and may broaden their local usage. InsiderPages while not an extremely strong brand is nonetheless a local brand and does have a loyal following.

There’s lots more to say on this but I’m running late for a meeting.

As a final note I asked them about the sales question. Many things remain to be determined but the Citysearch sales force will be selling into InsiderPages and the monetization of the traffic will be broadened to include CPM inventory and PPC ads, in addition to calls, which is what InsiderPages has been selling.

IAC will be a good parent for InsiderPages. But like any family with multiple children there are bound to be conflicts and sibling rivalries.


Related: I got in very late from Washington DC last night and consequently am very tired. As evidence, I read the MediaPost headline: “Citysearch Doubles Review Base with Acquisition” instead as “Citysearch Doubles REVENUE BASE with Acquisition.” 🙂

A thoughtful source speculated to me this morning that the deal was worth about $10 million, basically a wash for the investors.


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