Quick Takes on Things I Couldn’t Get To

Classifieds traffic aggregator/distributor vFlyer has launched widgets that can be customized and embedded in blogs and other sites. Here’s more from Mashable (scroll), VentureBeat and the Kelsey blog. Widgets are everywhere, except on MySpace.

Social search engine Jyve is pursuing a model similar to ChaCha, using IM/chat windows and real-time communication for better search results. Instead of paid guides, Jyve appears to be relying on online community members to respond in real time. This morning I asked, “How many text messages are sent in the US every year?” The single response: “Who knows.”

GigaOm (Liz Gannes) reports on YouTube extending its lead (now at 43.3% market share to MySpace’s 16.4%. The posted traffic data are from Compete and pre-date the Viacom withdrawl.

ZiffLeads is creating a single platform for the delivery of phone leads/PPCall online (across major local search sites), in mobile and podcasts.

Will Outside.in (local blog/social network) succeed where Backfence did not (maybe still has a chance)? It’s a version of the same strategy. The company just announced funding. In one way of looking at it, it’s a Wikipedia for local. Monetization will be the familiar challenge… But maybe the investors don’t care and are looking to get to scale and sell.


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