TurnHere Shifts Focus

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I’m a big fan of video site TurnHere, which I noticed today seems to have shifted its focus somewhat from consumer destination + video production to a producer and distributor of commercial video for partners.

Brad Inman had expressed ambivalence about being a video production company for hire to me in the past. It would appear — I’ve yet to speak to him — that this is the direction the site is moving.

TurnHere and others that are emerging in local video will soon “commoditize” it. Quality and cost will vary of course, but relatively soon, if I’m correct, everyone will have and be selling video advertising at the local level.

Here’s my earlier post on local video advertising and production.


Peter Krasilovsky has some additional information.


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  1. J Says:

    Which seems to validate my comment on Feb 22nd; if everyone is selling it and everyone has it simple economics will drive down the value/price. The $60 per month price point is one at which advertisers may buy but is it one at which the provider can offer meaningful quality and still make money?

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