Text2Store: Local-Mobile Coupons

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Text2Store, a new local-mobile coupon provider launches today. It’s text-messaging based and will compete with Zixxo, MoVoxx, Cellfire (and others to come I’m sure). Coupons represent a growing and largely undeveloped local/mobile opportunity in the digital world.

Here’s the Text2Store release. Here’s my most recent post (including data) on online coupons. Here’s my recent post on SEL about text messaging and mobile advertising.

Location-based services that envision beaming promotional messages to cell phone users as they pass a business will NEVER develop. But opt-in services (e.g., mobile coupons) that involve some aspect of push marketing will gain traction. Text2Store, for example, has alerts.


11 Responses to “Text2Store: Local-Mobile Coupons”

  1. Mike Hogan Says:

    As in any early stage and developing market, I believe that companies will find their niches where they can apply their expertise and focus to deliver the most value. Some will focus on delivery, others on tracking redemption, etc. At ZiXXo we focus on aggregating the coupon content in a variety of ways and then making that available to all partners. As such, we view ourselves as partners to the mobile delivery companies.

  2. Ola Ayeni Says:

    I concur with you Mike about the partnership. The ability to deliver on demand coupons and best offers that the consumer control the entire process is of great value to users.

    At Text2store Mobile, we help to link local businesses with qualifield consumers via text messages coupon. Entirely opt in.

  3. terry Says:

    I am interested in delivering mobile coupons to a growing customer base. I am looking for a solution to handle thousands of subscribers requesting notification of vendor promotions via txt/sms messaging

  4. James Says:

    Very interesting business, at the moment I am using moQpon (www.moQpon.com) because is really simple and effective, anyway
    I will give it a shot to compare performances.

  5. Dan Jablons Says:

    Hello all,

    If you are into mobile coupons, you should check out Yowza! It’s now the third most popular app in the lifestyle section of the app store, and is currently working with Dairy Queen, Saks Fifth Avenue, Sports Authority, and a bunch of local shops and restaurants.

    The brochure is available at http://www.retailsmartguys.com/Yowza.pdf.

    Right now, it’s super cheap for retailers to get involved. The pricing is in the brochure.

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