Heading to NY on JetBlue: Wish Me Luck

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I’m heading out to the Yahoo! Searchlight Awards in NY on Thursday. I’m also going to be on a mobile panel at the Bank of America Technology Conference. But my post right now is about JetBlue.

My JetBlue reservations were made a few weeks ago before the fiasco. But interestingly JetBlue is doing some very quick and positive things from a marketing and damage control perspective. And it strikes me that these are very Internet specific things that couldn’t and wouldn’t have been done even a couple years ago.

Search on “JetBlue” on Google and you get this (click to enlarge) at the top of results (but not on Yahoo! or MSFT Live):


That sends you to the site, which features the company’s new “Customer Bill of Rights.” And here’s a YouTube hosted video (feels quite unscripted) from the CEO David Needleman apologizing and explaining concrete steps the airline is taking to prevent the cancellation mishaps in the future. I bet this will be forwarded by many to those affected and those considering JetBlue.

Needleman gets points for being candid and sincere, and for using “rapid response” communication tools that are more effective than conventional corporate communications. Compare the impact of the video above, for example, to a “statement” or impersonal press release that might have been issued in the past under comparable circumstances.

You can see the guy is shaken up (-$20-$30 million later) and thus identify and empathize with him (to some degree).

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