Compete Tracks Google Traffic

As Hitwise has done before it, Compete posted about the distribution of traffic (and traffic growth) across Google domains:

Video, Blog search, Google Scholar and Google Desktop showed the most growth (from positions of relatively recent introduction or obscurity generally). So-called “under-performers” (traffic declines) included Froogle (taken off the homepage in favor of Video), Catalogs (never promoted) and “Local.”

The Compete blog headline “Local Dying” misleads somewhat because Google renamed Local “Maps” last year. Essentially there is no more “Google Local;” yields the same site as Google Maps. And, according to Compete, Google Maps makes the strongest showing in its middle category, so-called “performers”:

Part of that is tied to increased local search volumes on Google itself and no doubt the heighted “OneBox” presence of Maps on the Google homepage, see, e.g.:

Hotels on Google

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