Text Is Where the Action Is

http://images.google.com/images?q=tbn:erPgtxEuk9Ib-M:http://www.textalert.com/t3/skins/default/anWel.gifIn case you hadn’t noticed mobile marketing is generating lots of buzz these days. And with buzz usually comes revenue forecasts. Indeed, various research firms are throwing out numbers for mobile advertising, music and video that make online advertising look like a fly on the butt of an elephant by comparison.

There’s a certain logic there of course. With more than 200 million mobile users in the U.S. and in excess of 2 billion globally, it’s clear that mobile phones will only grow in importance for consumers – and marketers. But there’s also a relatively common assumption that mobile devices will essentially replicate the experience of the Internet, albeit on a smaller screen. Accordingly, marketing tactics and tools that worked online should also work in a mobile environment – right?

Not so fast. Mobile advertising as a mass medium will take off, but the question is when and in precisely what form?

The “mobile Internet” already has some fairly impressive adoption in the U.S., anywhere from 30 to 34 million users, according to M:Metrics and comScore respectively. However most of those adopters are using it for email, the single largest volume activity.

While the mobile Internet user experience is getting better, generally speaking, it will likely still be several years before it gains mass market status. But compare text messaging, which is a mass medium today.

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