Edgeio’s New ‘Marketplaces’ Platform

The image “https://i0.wp.com/www.edgeio.com/img/en/img-logosmall.gif” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Classifieds aggregator Edgeio announces its new “marketplaces” commerce platform for bloggers and small publishers. Here’s a pretty comprehensive practical “walk through” and discussion from a publisher standpoint.

The idea of Edgeio was always that it would be a distribution vehicle for listings online wherever they might be — and not a destination. I haven’t spoken to CEO Keith Teare in more than a year and don’t know where his “head is at” strategically but he seems to still be plugging away in a hot but very crowded online classifieds environment.

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  1. keith Teare Says:

    Greg Hi

    Long time no see. Thanks for writing about this. As for “still plugging away” etc. 🙂

    Yep, we really are. We now have access to over 100m listings through our search engine at edgeio.com. A lot of those come from a real-time feed aggregator we have built. it integrates Amazon and eBay worldwide as well as CafePress. We can add many new providers to that quite quickly.

    Our organic listings – uploaded to edgeio by publishers – now numbers around 2.3m active listings at any given time (compares with Craigslist’s 5m or so).

    Obviously our unique angle is that we have a global ingestion engine (more than 16000 cities with data in edgeio, from 160 plus countries) and that the whole thing is self service.

    Now, with marketplaces, we have a platform for others to build classifieds boards and earn revenue from them.

    Lots more to come this year……

    keith Teare

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