Yahoo! Patent on Dynamic/Personalized Pages

CrunchGear is reporting on the recent issuance of a potentially far-reaching patent awarded to Yahoo!:

In 1997, Yahoo was developing a core service: user customizable web pages. What developed defines a lot about who Yahoo is. During this period, it filed an application covering this core concept which resulted in a ‘Dynamic Page Generator’ patent that covered saving a template and delivering real-time information to a user. Another ‘Dynamic Page Generator’ patent just issued sealing the deal.

Everything I now say is qualified by the following: patent law can be byzantine and I’m not a patent attorney (even though, yes, I have played one on TV).

If the analysis in the CrunchGear post is accurate and there are broad implications (vs. startups and Yahoo! competitors like Google) the question is how aggressive will Yahoo! be in trying to enforce? There probably will be litigation over this given that the stakes could be very high.


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  1. Call me sceptical.... Says:


    Yahoo was a little late to this party…. I recall reading white papers and watching demos of dynamically generated content serving technologies in 1995, shortly after Sun released their first JDK in May. I suspect more than just a little egg on their faces if they try asserting this one.

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