Closing the Loop on Windows

Some time ago I begain searching for someone to replace windows in my house (we had some dry rot). Here’s the original post from last August.

I got information from many online sources, one of which was the Berkeley Parents Network. We picked three, got estimates and choose one (Sinan’s Windows), which happened to be the one from the Berkeley Parents Network.

Today I wrote a very strong recommendation for them on (click to enlarge):

YP rec

There was a little bit of pain in the registration process that I had to go through before I could write a review. But it also reinforced to me that most reviews are going to positive.

You’re generally not going to take the time and effort to write about a mediocre business or mixed experience. Ironically, that becomes less true if your community is really active or it’s very simple for users to post reviews.

4 Responses to “Closing the Loop on Windows”

  1. AhmedF Says:

    From our experience, people love bitching about being wronged in anyway.

    Like a majority of the internet 🙂

  2. ExposureTim Says:

    I’d have to say that people who get bad service are often more motivated to post to a website, any website that’ll “listen” or even create one when they feel poor service has affected them, esp. financially or emotionally. More so than those who would take the time to fill out a positive review.

    I guess it depends on the industry… and letting these services grow up a little (time for people to realize it’d be a good way to vent too) before that’ll happen excessively, but that day will come, soon, I feel.

  3. Nathanael Says:

    It’s like page feedback surveys (like the ones in Microsoft Help) – I suspect most people only fill it out when they don’t find what they’re looking for and therefore most of the feedback will be negative, even if you surveyed all the users and found most people were happy with it.

  4. Malcolm Lewis Says:

    As you say, the process is too onerous. Eliminating the traditional registration requirement (you provide info, they send email, it gets lost in your junk folder, you finally find it, you confirm the registration) would help a lot. I already take online reviews, which I value, with a pinch of salt. The fact that someone registered does not significantly improve my confidence level. Should be as easy as commenting on a blog.

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