Borrell: Newspaper Video Revs Beating TV Sites

LostRemote has a longish post on a new local video report from Borrell Associates, which posits that newspaper sites are “beating” TV sites at video revenues:

Borrell Associates is releasing a new report today that reveals that newspaper sites grossed $81 million in local video advertising in 2006, compared to $32 million for local TV sites. “Print media are using the internet as a crossover platform to tap traditional TV advertisers, just as stations (and others) are trying to use the internet to tap traditional print advertisers,” reads the report.

I haven’t read the report and so can’t question its definitions, assumptions or conclusions. However, here’s a forecast slide from Borrell (posted by LostRemote):

Borrell Forecast

Source: Borrell/LostRemote

Interestingly LostRemote says (per Borrell) that the video revenues won’t come from pre-roll:

But it’s not the traditional :15 pre-roll that will generate most of the revenue, but long-form advertorial video that’s associated with key verticals such as real estate, health and automotive.

But “advertorial” recapitulates the problem of the SMB-local advertiser and local search. Unless someone is going to DIFM they won’t be able to participate. So this projected revenue will be national and larger regional advertisers driving people to local stores or trying to reach particular communities for demographic reasons.

Yellow pages publishers and numerous others in local, including newspapers, will be shooting video of local businesses and places and trying to get that onto their sites. I’ve written about TurnHere, which is way ahead in local video, in the past. But capturing locally targeted video advertising is likely not going to be as automatic or easy as the Borrell report, through its bullish growth projection, suggests.

AdMission also has just released a very interesting dynamic ad unit that combines video and local inventory (i.e., classifieds). (Disclosure: I’m on the board.) It couples branding and direct response, national and local advertising. (I generally try to avoid writing about these guys because of my potential conflict but this is relevant to the subject of local video.)


More discussion from Terry Heaton’s PoMo Blog.


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