Day 2: Facebook Does Jobster Deal

After announcing a deal yesterday with Comcast, today Facebook announced a deal with Jobster to enable Facebook users to find jobs and post resumes, etc. via the site; and to enable recruiters to tap Facebook’s youthful audience. This is essentially an identical deal to the one done between SimplyHired and MySpace (MySpace Jobs).

The MySpace and Facebook deals could ultimately impact CareerBuilder, Monster and HotJobs — at least among the demographic segments that most heavily use these networks — but probably not in the immediate term.

This deal is also symbollic of a larger shift going on: push vs. pull. Sites like CareerBuilder can no longer expect people to show up at their door in the same numbers. You have to get your “content” in front of people wherever they may be. That’s why these “distribution” deals are big wins for SimplyHired and Jobster.

An exception to my general statement above would be Craigslist, which has an enormous brand and loyal following.


Related: The Compete blog does an analysis of the lift Jobster will potentially get from the partnership:

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