Super Bowl Ads: Can’t Please Everyone

I suspect I’m about the millionth person today to blog about Super Bowl commercials. I didn’t watch the game, but I did watch all the commercials on YouTube. Here’s the ongoing voting on favorites. I enjoyed the CareerBuilder ads, some of the Bud light ones, the “Robert Goulet” nut ad and the Taco Bell “Carne Asada” commercial.

Search marketing firm Reprise Media scored all the ads in terms of how integrated they were with online marketing efforts. The assumption is that people see the ads on TV and will then search on some set of keywords related to the campaign. The scorecard doesn’t rate the content of the ads, just whether they follow search marketing best practices for integrated media camapaigns.

For example, the (user-generated) Doritos ad (“Live the Flavor”) is the top choice on YouTube but rated as a “fumble” in the Reprise scorecard:Reprise Scorecard

Source: Reprise Media

Although Doritos may have failed from an integrated marketing point of view, from a pure traditional branding/awareness standpoint it apparently scored a touchdown. Here’s the Cymfony blog on the enormous mileage that Doritos has gotten out of its contest (co-sponsored by Yahoo!). In addition, SalesGenie scored in the top category for search/integrated marketing according to Reprise but bombed in a big way with USAToday viewers (see below).

And from TiVo (via LostRemote), the Top Ten TiVo’d ads (the verb “to TiVo”):

1. Bud Light: Language Course with Carlos Mencia
2. Bud Light: Rock Paper Scissors
3. FedEx: Don’t Judge
4. Nationwide: Kevin Federline Rollin’ VIP
5. Doritos Crash the Super Bowl
6. CareerBuilder: Office Jungle
7. Blockbuster: Mouse
8. Doritos Crash The Super Bowl: Checkout Girl
9. Chevrolet: Everybody Loves a Chevy
10. Schick: Quarto Science

And finally here’s USAToday’s user-ratings of all the commercials.


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