Google Personalization and Local

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Danny Sullivan has an extremely detailed and thorough post on Google’s stepped up efforts toward search personalization. The basic idea is that Google’s collection of data on your search behavior and history (unless you turn it off) will yield more personally relevant results over time.

Putting aside the legitimate privacy concerns, which Danny goes into, this will also theoretically help Google with more locally targeted results — eventually. And if you signed up for Checkout, Google has your address and can use that information to disambiguate location. (So does Yahoo! and MSFT if you’ve registered).

Thus the problem of users inputting location information (or the failure to do so) will ultimately be solved by a combination of search history/behavior/registration and IP targeting.

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  1. Mike Orren Says:

    On our site, the localization of adsense ads showing up on our stories has increased dramatically in the past week or so. I’d say the ads were maybe 15% local before — now I’d say 75%.

    That said, they’re completely out of context other than their locality. Interesting…

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