Yahoo!’s Panama, Local and Quality Score

I’m not a search marketer, though sometimes I play one at conferences, and it’s dangerous for me to get too deeply in over my head here but I wanted to do a short post based on a call with the Panama folks last Friday.

Bona fide search marketer and ClickZ columnist Patricia Hursh wrote yesterday about “post Panama” geotargeting options at Yahoo!

One of the interesting things that came out on my Panama call last week was the fact that under Yahoo!’s new “marketplace design” relevance paradigm local ads may be rewarded. Ads will initially receive a “quality score” (based on copy, etc.) calculated by Yahoo! that will subsequently be affected by click-throughs.

I was told that local ads, with appropriate local content, would potentially get a higher quality score than more “generic” national ads or geotargeted ads without local copy. (I don’t want to overreach here.) I found that interesting.

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