Google to Push Deeper into Brand Budget

Found via MarketingVox: AdWeek’s Brian Morrissey writes about Google’s brand advertising push in 2007 and beyond:

“We’re talking to advertisers about using Google for all of our advertising incentives, not just text search,” Google CEO Eric Schmidt said in a conference call to announce the company’s earnings.

Advertisers like Office Max, Volvo and Procter & Gamble are using Google’s far-flung AdSense network for graphical and video brand ads, according to Omid Kordestani, Google’s svp of global sales and operations.

Volvo, for instance, used the network to create its own mini ad network of auto enthusiast sites. Google provides advertisers the ability to pick and choose a list of sites to show their ads based on the subject matter of the destination and audience demographics.

Yahoo!, which just launched its “Brand Universe” initiative, is still the king of display/online brand advertising. But the company needs to be proactive and creative if it wants to retain and grow those dollars.


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