All Eyes on Hilary

Hilary SI’m not talking Hilary Clinton; I mean Hilary Schneider, the SVP of Yahoo! Marketplaces. There’s lots of talk and speculation (off podium) at this NAA show about the Yahoo!-newspaper consortium deal and how far it will go, etc.

Hilary Schneider, the former KnightRidder exec., is in many ways the personification of this deal. She’s very smart and charismatic and is giving the morning keynote tomorrow. I’m sure it will be a packed session and I’ll be eager to hear what she has to say and whether there are any “road-map” details beyond what’s already been publicly disclosed. Here are Terry Semel’s recent, prepared remarks from the Yahoo! earnings call:

Our initiative with a consortium of U.S. newspapers adds significant local advertising growth opportunities and has already grown since our original announcement from over 150 newspapers to some 225 at this point. We have begun initial implementation between local newspapers and Yahoo!’s Hot Jobs, providing an enormous database of additional job listing and giving local newspapers a dramatically larger audience.

The rumor is that there are now 11 (count ’em) publishers involved (up from 9).


Related: I moderated the local search panel today at the NAA show. On the podium I’m like an idiot savant (no jokes please). Once the session is over my memory is wiped clean. Luckily The Kelsey Group’s Mike Boland took detailed notes of what the very thoughtful panelists said.

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