Local Review Aggregator Boorah to Launch

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I spoke with a new site in local, Boorah, yesterday. They’re presenting at DEMO and they officially launch tonight/tomorrow.

The idea is to aggregate local reviews (right now in the restaurant vertical) from multiple sites and create a more complete user experience. They then build what they say is a better search experience on top of that content, as well as other features.

I haven’t been able to use the site because it’s not live yet. But I’m intrigued and quite eager to do so.

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  1. AhmedF Says:

    This was almost too easy: http://www.google.com/search?num=100&q=site:boorah.com

    Click on ‘cache’ and enjoy 🙂

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  3. Eric Says:

    Thanks for the post, Greg. We’ll post a comment here when the new site’s live, which will be later today.

    And yes, you can still see the caches of our old, Alpha site!

  4. kyle Says:

    I, too, am intrigued and exited to see what Boorah puts out. What I don’t get is how they and OpenList do what they do….legally. I mean, they’re essentially pilfering reviews, material, etc. from other sites. Isn’t there some sort of copyright protection or, at the very least, prohibitions against data mining on the sites where the content is being aggregated? It seems as though a simple trespass or copyright lawsuit would close Boorah, OpenList, etc down.

  5. Greg Sterling Says:

    This is essentially what Google is doing. I agree there’s a gray area. The issues that you raise haven’t fully been litigated. But “factual” information isn’t protected (See the Feist decision: http://www.law.cornell.edu/copyright/cases/499_US_340.htm)

  6. Eric Says:

    We’ve just turned up the new Boorah site… you can check it out now at http://www.boorah.com

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