Yell Boosts Mobile Offering

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UK yellow pages publisher Yell has added some new content and features to its mobile offering (UK only). I’ve written a bit about it over at SEL. Here’s the relevant excerpt from the press release:

The local information services will make available business names, addresses and telephone numbers, maps and directions to the estimated 15.7 million regular mobile internet users in the UK. In a move further benefiting the consumer, mobile will provide its services and information free of charge.

The dual application and browser approach has been adopted by to ensure as many mobile users as possible can access its data directly on their phones. The application was developed by mobilePeople, a leading mobile search company based in Denmark.

What’s interesting to me is that Yell in the UK is so forward thinking but its US-based subsidiary Yellow Book is lagging in its Internet and mobile execution, although it recently launched a revamped Internet site.

Even though the money is still in print, if publishers fail to keep pace with competitive offerings they’ll eventually see their traditional products suffer as well.

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