iPhone Skeptics Take Note

iPhoneWe had some people over for dinner on Friday, one of whom is a higher-up in the Wells Fargo organization. He was expressing skepticism about my bullish posts on the iPhone given: it requires carrier switching, is a closed system and costs a lot of money.

He also said he thought there was a “gross-factor” here. He wondered whether the phone’s all-touch screen interface would pick up a lot of disgusting grease from the actual faces of users.

I responded: Regardless of whether the actual iPhone is a huge commercial success it is already having an impact on the market and the thinking of competitive handset makers.

Here are three interesting “datapoints” on the outlook for the iPhone:

  • Hitwise’s LeeAnn Prescott found search volume for the iPhone has outpaced iPod. (“This early surge in interest should indicate a rosy future for the iPhone when it becomes available in later in the year.”)
  • Compete says they found a meaningful number of iPod shoppers were willing to switch carriers to get the phone (although pricing is a barrier. Listening AT&T?)
  • And a piece on mobile marketing in iMedia today opines that because Apple influences influencers, the iPhone will have a significant impact on mobile content and advertising.

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