Y!’s Michael Yang on Real Estate

Joel Burslem at the Future of Real Estate Marketing blog has a nice short interview with Yahoo!’s Michael Yang. Yang used to do biz dev for a number of Y! properties and it appears is now devoted to real estate as GM:

Just in shear numbers alone, Comscore estimates there are 13.2 million people actively looking at real estate online, Michael estimates that combined, Yahoo properties touch 89% of them. (that could be through Yahoo!Mail, News, Search etc.)

So a trend moving forward will see them integrating the Real Estate portal with Yahoo’s other assets to try and pull this together. I asked him about what this would entail and he mentioned specifically assets like Flickr and Yahoo! Video.

As Burslem also points out, real estate has been integrated into Yahoo!’s new personal finance site.

Real estate is one of most competitive and key local categories, with Borrell already projecting more will be spent online this year than off. What’s somewhat mysterious is that this segment is relatively mature and has been around for a long time. But there’s no dominant brand or consumer destination, despite the fact that there are traffic leaders.


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