Yahoo! and the ‘Nine Amigos’

BusinessWeek’s Jon Fine writes about the Yahoo!-newspaper consortium and its potential scope:

The online giant and its “Nine Amigos” have assigned at least five “tiger teams” to explore relationships with Yahoo. Among them: extending distribution of Amigos news stories with Yahoo, including spotlighting them in search results; turning over Amigos site-search engines to Yahoo and creating co-branded search toolbars; finding ways to integrate Yahoo’s local search with newspapers’ data; having newspaper sales staffs sell Yahoo ads to local advertisers and having Yahoo staff sell national ads for the Amigos sites; and allowing the Amigos Web sites to use Yahoo’s ad technology.

As Fine points out this consortium and its partnership with Yahoo! would have been unthinkable (for many reasons) in the past. But it has been driven by necessity. Given that there are now some very interesting opportunities that would help Yahoo! extend its reach in local — former KnightRidder exec. and Yahoo! SVP Hilary Schneider becomes the key figure here — and help newspapers to address a range of content and vexing technology challenges.

If both sides can act and embrace this relationship without ambivalence there are some very interesting possibilities that emerge, only some of which are identified by Fine above.


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