Meet the New Boss. . .

That headline is a reference to The Who’s “Won’t Get Fooled Again.”

Even as InsiderPages is being shopped (rumor), having had apparent difficulty in driving growth and selling to SMBs, another new “social directory,” MojoPages is preparing to launch in San Diego. Dick Larkin alerted me to the fact of their existence.

They talk (on their video blog) about what they’re doing as though they’ve invented the concept of combining reviews and directory listings, seemingly without awareness of how competitive and difficult the “space” is. The most interesting (and perhaps smart) aspect of what they appear to be doing is the “diary of a startup” approach, which may help them jumpstart community.

But they’re going to face the identical challenges that everyone trying to sell to SMBs faces.

Many have come before . . .

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  1. Jon Carder Says:

    Hello Greg,
    Thanks for the compliments on the video. You’re right that the space is difficult and somewhat crowded. We’re very aware of the competition yelp, judysbook, insiderpages, angieslist, kudzu etc.. We’ve been following what’s working and what’s not working and looking for things that can ensure we win over the competition. Several of the senior management at MojoPages including myself comes from a fiscally disciplined lead generation company so we get the revenue side of this market. It’s not going to be easy but we strongly believe this model is the future and there is huge room for improvement on what’s currently out there.

    It’s my belief that the winner in this space is not the company with the most reviews or coolest community. It will be the company who can attain the most helpful reviews in an easy to consume manner so that the 99% of the population who will hardly ever write a review or become active in a community can come and quickly find the BEST businesses and get back to their busy lives.

    There is a lot more to it than just this but the bottom line is we have a strategy and are working hard to learn as much as possible from InsiderPages and other sites that have given this space a good shot and failed.

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