Google vs. Yahoo!, Etc.

Who remembers the original Star Trek series episode where two almost identical looking characters were perpetually at war? Both had faces with black on one side and white on the other (but different sides). This was an obvious metaphor was racism and its absurdity. For me that episode is something of a metaphor for the struggle between Google and Yahoo! and the related coverage.

I used to get asked questions like “Google vs. Yahoo!: who will win?” from certain journalists looking for my perspective on some product announcement. This was, for some of them, the simple bottom line. It was kind of an absurd question in my mind.

But along those lines, Wired has a long article on Yahoo!’s efforts to buy Google and their subsequent competitive struggle. For those interested in this sort of thing it’s interesting. The article is highly critical of Yahoo! and Terry Semel. And Yahoo! responds here.


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  1. Webomatica Says:

    Just for completeness sake, that episode is “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield”.

  2. Greg Sterling Says:


  3. Zoli's Blog Says:

    It’s Yahoo Week

    Finally, the iPod Week is gone, Techmeme becomes Techmeme again.  Unless… it’s becoming Yahoo week. Wired’s How Yahoo Blew It piece is in the top  spot for now, and I expect within hours blog  reactions to it will  take up half …

  4. Howard Owens Says:

    Or is it Distributed Media (Google) vs. Packaged Goods Media (Yahoo!)? Who will win?

  5. Blog Ryan » Ryan’s Radar Jan 17 ‘07 Says:

    […] article by Wired that talks about a number of missteps by Yahoo. Starting with the mistake of not acquiring Google when it had the chance. I personally am hoping that Yahoo turns it around so that Google has some […]

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