Citysearch Adds Seats and Feet

CitysearchA resurgent Citysearch has opened an Atlanta Sales Center that will eventually house 180 sales personnel. Those will largely be telephone reps, but the company also has a field/premise sales force with 20-40 reps in each of the major US metro areas. There is also a call center in LA.

Yellow pages veteran Travis Fore is running the Atlanta office as the new Citysearch VP of Local Sales under Sales EVP Neil Salvage. Both were previously at According to Fore, the company has roughly 220 total sales reps now and will be “doubling” the sales force in 2007.

Fore explained that Citysearch was focused on a consultative sale that was very flexible: pricing, term, calls, clicks, etc. This is what he perceived to be the company’s primary advantage vs. traditional YP players in the market.

Fore also echoed what SuperPages’ Eric Chandler’s had told me a few days earlier about the SMB market: it is gradually becoming more sophisticated about the Internet, with an emphasis on gradual rather than sophisticated. The level of understanding is growing but still limited according to Fore.

In contrast to Chandler Fore said that his reps didn’t see much demand for websites. “A large number of the people we come in contact with already have them,” he said, but clarified that could be anything from a full-fledged website to a landing page. And he quickly estimated that the percentage of businesses with a Web presence was about 50% now.

The build out of the sales force comes at a time when there’s a growing consensus that to really gain a share of the SMB ad spend you have to reach out to these time-starved entities, whether by phone or by foot.

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