AllBusiness CEO Horan Leaves for IAC

Small business portal AllBusiness (where I worked in 98-99) CEO Peter Horan has left the company for IAC. I don’t like to report on personnel changes typically but it’s squarely within the areas I cover. Horan is a smart guy and his departure will be a loss for AllBusiness, which still has a very capable team and is doing some innovative things on the site.

As an aside, AllBusiness was originally conceived as a content destination for SMBs and a marketing channel for large entities seeking an efficient way into that market. It was way ahead of its time in 1999.

Horan will be CEO of IAC Media & Advertising. There he will oversee Ask, Citysearch and Evite among other business units (whose CEOs will report to him apparently). PaidContent has more detail.


Read John Battelle’s interview with Peter Horan.


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