Other Mobile News: Medio + T-Mobile

Somewhat lost in the “Google-Yahoo! battle goes mobile” stories today was another mobile local search (and more) deal between T-Mobile and mobile search provider Medio Systems:

Medio Systems has deployed a new search system for T-Mobile that presents subscribers with the most relevant results, including access to CallerTunes®, myFavesSM content, HiFi Ringers®, local business listings and selected web pages, all through a search box prominently placed at the top of t-zones pages.

The enhanced T-Mobile search service is supported on currently available phone models, as well as on many older phones. Key enhancements to the service include:

  • Recommendations – presenting subscribers with related items they otherwise may not find in the catalog for ringtones, wallpaper and games.
  • Improved Local Business listings – searching by area code in addition to zip code and city names; searching by business name; and allowing users to browse categories of listings related to a query
  • More specific T-MobileWeb results – sports scores, movie times, stock quotes, flight times, weather and news are all easier to search and discover.

Medio and its primary competitor JumpTap provide “white label” mobile search and advertising content and applications for carriers and sell against search giants like Google and Yahoo!

In November Medio secured a Series B round of $30 million.


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