Getting Y!’s Mojo Back: A Release a Week

Some of you may remember the almond TV commercials from the 80s and early 90s: “A can a week that’s all we ask.” I’m not a nut, there’s a point here I promise . . . 🙂

One of the things that Yahoo! lost in Q3 last year was its mojo or the intangible quality of momentum. After the lowered guidance and the announced delay of Panama there was a series of negative stories about how Yahoo! was bureaucratic, confused and slow vs. Google, which clearly had the “mo.”

One way for Yahoo! to regain its mojo is this simple formula: put out a press release each week (or so) for the next couple of months. As cyncial as it sounds, PR drives coverage and perceptions. My guess is that a relentless series of announcements (large and small) will create a new perception of momentum for Yahoo!. And as we know perception is reality, right?

Of course earnings is the ultimate counterpoint and pushback to my suggested strategy. There Yahoo! has to deliver the goods.


Last week there was the Dash in-car local search announcement, today there were a couple of mobile announcements and just confirmed Yahoo! bought distributed community tool MyBlogLog. Off to a solid start . . .


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