YouTube Hiring a Sales Team

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.From Barry at SEL and ClickZ: YouTube is hiring sales reps in six offices around the US.

Here’s a piece of the job description:

Main responsibility is to drive revenue for the YouTube business unit and consult with brand advertisers and interactive agencies on how to leverage the YouTube platform and participate in the YouTube community.

You must be comfortable prospecting, making cold calls, and committed to gaining new clients and working in a team sales environment.

Note “brand advertisers” and “interactive agencies.” YouTube more than any other vehicle — even search — is Google’s ticket into the brand budget, which is much bigger than direct response or other budget areas.

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  1. PJA Says:

    How does YouTube attract brand advertisers? Maybe in creating new original content that features the brand and entertains at the same time – like a outdoor Jeep series. But Jeep is not going to run videostitials in front of a YouTube user submitted content. Think about how much consideration brands put into their brand building TV ad buys – how sensitive they are the content wrapper. YouTube will be like E! – lots of GirlsGoneWild ads.

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