What Happened to Commoca?

CommocaI came across this post on GigaOm about putting the Internet (to some degree) on your home phone. It made me think of Commoca.

Commoca was going to be a touch-screen phone that was local ad supported (pay-per-lead). Effectively it would be the “laptop in the kitchen” for those that don’t have wireless networks at home (most of us). And it would allow a range of additional functions (radio, news feed, calendar, TV, shopping) in addition to some version of Internet connectivity.

I was supposed to be a beta tester for the product, but it never arrived. Last I’d heard the company’s funding had fallen through.

There is an opportunity for such a phone but the model and economics need to be just right. Like Free DA, advertisers could come from third party networks or agencies. The potential ultility for consumers is definitely there however.


2 Responses to “What Happened to Commoca?”

  1. Home Phone as Internet Access Device « Screenwerk Says:

    […] was an IYP on the phone and/or to offer a kind of PC in the kitchen for those without one. Commoca appears to be defunct even though a site still […]

  2. steve Says:

    I was a beta tester for this device and it worked great when it was up and running.
    I happened to be searching the internet looking to see if anyone figured out a way to get this thing going again and ran across your post.
    I have one of the Commoca OpenTouch telephone devices and the phone parts still operate but the rest is defunct at the moment.

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