Spot Runner Promotes Indie Films with Local Theater Tie-In

Internet ad agency and media buying platform Spot Runner is promoting independent films with a division of Warner. What’s noteworthy about the deal is that the cable TV commercials for the film “The Painted Veil” are targeted to the markets in which the film will appear and mention the local theaters in which the film is currently playing. The commercials also play during programming that corresponds with the film’s target audiences. So what you have is both demographic and geographic targeting on cable TV.

Here’s more description of the program from the release:

Warner Independent called on Spot Runner to customize local versions of the national spot, and plan and purchase cable media time to support a broad, tiered release schedule in the days leading up to the film’s opening in those 18 markets. “The Painted Veil,” starring Naomi Watts and Edward Norton, opened in select theaters on Dec. 20. The film has won the National Board of Review’s award for “Best Adapted Screenplay” and has been nominated for the Independent Spirit Awards.

In a departure from the studio’s traditional strategy of promoting new films, these commercials identified the names of the local theaters in which the film is playing, narrowed-in on just the neighborhoods located near those theaters and ran on channels that mirrored the film’s target demographic.

SpotRunner’s production resources, technologies and market-specific data allowed Warner Independent to overcome the hurdles inherent in running a large number of local TV advertising campaigns simultaneously—including customizing the ad for each market, ad trafficking and media buying—that typically make such logistically complex local campaigns difficult to execute.

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  1. Patch Says:

    The original article omits the fact that providing these services for the film industry is not new. has been providing these services for 5 or 6 years. Their new service does the production for free, without charging inflated media rates like most other online advertising agencies. Free production is the disruptive element in targeted advertising, don’t you think?

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