NAVTEQ and the Return of Aerial to MapQuest

Barry at Search Engine Land points to an interesting story on NAVTEQ in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. On that same topic (mapping), I recently noticed that MapQuest had relaunched aerial imagery. They had been promising to do this for some time and it now appears back on the site. See, for example, a search for “One Market in SF, CA.” (Aerial button is in the upper right corner of the map)

One market

MapQuest had aerial mapping years ago but abandoned it because of a lack of consumer interest. But the site has been compelled by competition to reintroduce the feature.

According to Nielsen, (November) market share breaks down as follows:

  • MapQuest: 68%
  • Google Maps: 28%
  • Yahoo! Maps: 27%

(Numbers are greater than 100% because of multiple site usage; 42 million total users.)


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  1. AhmedF Says:

    Very interesting! For the longest time general stats published showed Google Maps had a *very* small audience. This growth is actually quite tremendous considering how entrenched (fantastic mindshare) MapQuest and Yahoo Maps are.

  2. Search Engines - New York: Informal Gathering of Interactive Marketers Next Tuesday - Backend Products Says:

    […] a series of mobile mapping and search enhancements today, meant to leverage the company s leading position in online mapping. The company held a 68 percent market stake in November compared to Google Maps […]

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