Marketers Trying to Get into Craigslist

This ClickZ article (via MarketingVox) discusses how marketers and spammers are struggling to get into Craiglist, given how effective and popular the site is. Why does the site work?

  • Trust in the brand
  • Engaged community
  • It works for people

The site, with its awkward user experience, testifies to the power of integrity and trust on the Internet. Without necessarily intending to build a giant brand they’ve done so by adhering to certain core principles and taking a long-term view.

Here’s my most recent post on Craigslist, “Why Craigslist Makes Analysts Crazy.”


3 Responses to “Marketers Trying to Get into Craigslist”

  1. earlpearl Says:

    Is there a community/regional/ site that approximates Craigslist? I doubt it. Can’t wait for the next site that begins to draw traffic like craigslist.

    One other thing about it. It is inexpensive. In many markets it has supplanted newspaper classified in effectiveness and killed the vital classified advertising revenues. At the same time its so inexpensive that it limits the effectiveness of competitors.

    Its a fascinating site.

  2. Greg Boser - Search Marketing Consultant - aka WebGuerrilla - News, Rants, Opinions, and Gossip From the Search Engine Marketing Industry » Craigslist Spam Says:

    […] I came across three different posts today talking about spam on Craigslist. What I found most interesting about all the stories is the fact that no one seemed to get the SEO connection. […]

  3. Jeanne Van Hook Says:

    I want to list things on Craigs List but do not know how – Can you help me?

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