TrueLocal Needs a CEO

TrueLocalAs Loren Baker reports, Jake Baillie (a very funny, creative and smart guy) is leaving the top spot at TrueLocal to run a fund (STN Labs) that will invest in Internet startups.

TrueLocal is based in Canada and so one of the job requirements might be Canadian residency. Then again, maybe it’s time for Murdoch (or another enterprising company) to swoop down and make an attractive offer for the brand/site. TrueLocal and (owned by News Corp.) have been locking legal horns for the past 9 months or so.

Good luck to Jake in his new venture (so to speak).

3 Responses to “TrueLocal Needs a CEO”

  1. AhmedF Says:

    Well TrueLocal is owned by (or an offshot of) GeoSign, a company with 100+ people. Basically means they are large enough that executive turnover shouldn’t be bad (but the fact that Jake said people from TL would be joining him is a bit concerning).

    With Judysbook recently throwing in the towel, IP making news for exec turnover, and Yelp now upto 16 million granted, is local not all its cracked up to be? Are Yahoo/Ask/Google just too much? Some thoughts to ponder.

  2. N the Know Says:

    Swoop is an interesting word, and may describe more than a move of Jake and some of his clan. Stay Tuned.

  3. GeoSign Secures $160 Million in Funding « Screenwerk Says:

    […] CEO Tim Nye has been at local longer than most people in the Internet space, but he recently lost Jake Baillie his TrueLocal CEO. No word yet on whether Baillie’s been […]

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