Top 10 Acquisitions of 2006

PaidContent points to an article in AdAge about the supposed Top 10 “major media” acquisitions of the year. Here’s the list:

1 YouTube by Google , $1.65 billion
2 Massive by Microsoft, $200 million-$400 million
3 Atom Films by Viacom, $200 million
4 DMarc by Google, $102 million
5 Xfire by Viacom, $102 million
6 Platform by Comcast, $80 million
7 Grouper by Sony, $65 million
8 JotSpot by Google, $50 million
9 Petfinder by Animal Planet, $35 million
10 by Conde Nast, $25 million

The question is which of these will add value and which will turn out to be duds or also-rans. It seems to me the Viacom acquisitions immediately fall into the latter category, but we’ll see.


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