Financial, Real Estate Info Coming to AskCity

Web Barry Diller keeps talking about Ask as the “glue” of his empire and more specifically about the importance of local. Ask and the new AskCity are thus in the hot seat. ClickZ has a piece today about the forthcoming introduction of financial and real estate data into AskCity.

There’s a little more to this post at SEL.

The point is that the definition of the local product keeps evolving. Yellow pages (restaurants and service business categories) is now by itself incomplete as a definition of “local search.” SuperPages has recognized this for some time. The main search engine local products (as well as stand alones such as are bringing a broad range of data into local search that extends beyond yellow pages into classifieds, shopping, events and entertainment and so on.

But the balance between the right data set and a mess is still to be determined.

Here’s my post yesterday on Ask’s new test interface, Ask X.


Related: From the Ask blog, the top searches on AskCity after the first week of operation:

Top 10 Dining Choices in Business Search:

1. Pizza
2. Italian
3. Traditional American
4. Sushi
5. Coffee
6. Chinese
7. Starbucks
8. Fast food
9. Deli
10. Mexican

Pizza and Italian as our top two queries? Interesting. Future restaurateurs take note!

Top 10 Artists in Event Search:

1. Madonna
2. U2
3. Rolling Stones
4. Dave Matthews
5. The Who
6. Rod Stewart
7. Justin Timberlake
8. Incubus
9. Dixie Chicks
10. Damien Rice
Mostly currently touring acts with some newsmakers mixed in. Before the weekend, Madonna was in the #6 slot…now she’s #1. Must be those three Grammy noms.

Top 10 Services in Business Search:

1. Massage
2. Shopping mall
3. Hospitals
4. Family doctor
5. Churches
6. Plumber
7. Florist
8. Police department
9. General practice attorneys
10. Auto repair

Here’s Nielsen’s latest release showing higher year over year growth for Ask (33%) vs. Google (31%). Of course their overall market shares are quite different (2.6% vs. 50%).

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