Yahoo! Answers Survey Data

On the first anniversary of Answers, Yahoo! published the findings of a Harris Interactive Survey. Here are a couple of interesting data points from the survey results:

Regardless of the type of information they are looking for including consumer electronics reviews (77%) or do-it-yourself home improvement (55%) the majority of online adults would prefer to get many responses from a group of individuals rather than an individual response from a close friend or family member. Yahoo! Answers taps into the knowledge of individuals to benefit the greater group by providing online users many answers to their questions, increasing the likelihood that people will find what they are looking for.

Online adults also indicated that they would be more likely to turn to the Internet for answers to specific questions if the service was free (81%), they could get answers in minutes (79%), they needed an answer to something their friends or family arent familiar with (77%), or they could get individual answers from many people (43%).

This would seem to be “the wisdom of crowds” in action. What’s also interesting is how Answers has surged in popularity but not had any impact on search market share. The challenge now will be for Yahoo! to leverage the content and functionality more broadly.

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