Google Print and Wireless Shopping

No, there isn’t any relationship . . . I’m just running out of time this a.m.

First, Barry Schwartz at Search Engine Land points to a PPC Discussions post about some details on Google’s print newspaper ad program:

I received confirmation a bit earlier today that the ad we sent in for the Google newspaper test was accepted and has been / will be running in 78 newspaper in the US. Some of the better known papers include the Chicago Tribune, Boston Herald, Houston Chronicle, Miami Herald and a bunch of others. My ad started running on 11/29/06 and is scheduled to run in various papers through 12/21/06. The Google print team sent a pdf showing my ad in one of the papers as well.

I’ve already started to see some activity on my tracking url. Should be very interesting to see how this develops. Among other things I’m looking forward to seeing how these visitors interact with our site when compared to visitors we acquire via online methods.

At Search Engine Watch, Gary Price rounds up wireless shopping services. Recently, local shopping services Yokel and and NearbyNow launched mobile services (not mentioned in the piece). Mobile shopping is a fringe phenomenon now but will be more mainstream eventually. There are several basic use cases:

  • Price comparisons while in the store with e-commerce sites
  • It’s not here, I’ll buy it online
  • It’s not here, where can I find it at another store

Another is NearbyNow’s SMS alerts/deals feature, which can either be push (opt-in) or pull: What’s on sale in the mall or local stores in my area?

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  1. Sebastien Provencher Says:

    re: Google Print. Jeremy is reporting on his blog that “Our ad is actually running in 27 newspapers, not 78. The ad is running 78 times but in most cases is running the same newspaper on a number of consecutive dates.”

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