Tired Tuesday News

Was up quite late finishing a presentation and now I’m toast. Here’s what’s happening today:

“LiveDeal’s new yellow pages feature 13.7 million business listings from more than 70,000 zip codes in the U.S. Consumers can search or browse for specific types of businesses on LiveDeal.com by specifying a particular city, state or zip code. Each listing features a company’s address and phone number as well as a map.”

  • Adult site Nerve launches parenting “magazine”/online community Babble.com. Here’s why Babble thinks it’s different and will “win” vs. other parenting sites.
  • From yesterday, NearbyNow launches SMS search for deals/inventory. Local product search engine Yokel launched a wireless app (for smartphones as well) last week.
  • From Barry at Search Engine Land, Matt McGee’s “8 Simple Steps to Make a Page More Local.” Matt was shaping up to be a needed educators of small businesses with his blog. But now he’s gone and taken a job with Marchex and doesn’t have as much time . . .
  • MediaPost (reg req’d) writes about an IDC survey of consumers in which cost was cited as a barrier to data services adoption (though not text messaging):

The biggest complaint of 38.5% of mobile consumers was that data services are “too expensive.” But mobile users aren’t necessarily eager to accept ads in exchange for lower bills. In the survey, consumers were asked to indicate how willing they would be to accept three ads a day in return for half-priced data services or content. Rating on a scale from one (very willing) to seven (very unwilling), the average was 2.45. Only 6% of respondents said they were “very willing” to accept advertising in return for lower service costs. About 16% indicated at least some openness to advertising.

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  1. Matt McGee Says:

    No worries, Greg. I’ll continue to be an “educator of small business” for the forseeable future at Small Business SEM. Marchex and our clients are keeping me quite busy, it’s true, but SBS is a priority and fun to do. 🙂

    Thanks for the link, too. (Ironically, that “8 Simple Steps” was posted on my blog a couple months ago and got no link love. Now it appears on Search Engine Guide and starts getting links!)

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