NY Times Adds ‘Sharing’ for News 2.0 Sites

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I’m a regular reader of the NY Times online and didn’t notice it myself. It had to be pointed out by TechCrunch and the Seattle PI:

ScreenshotIt marks the first time that the country’s third-largest newspaper has added a news-sharing tool to its Web site, allowing readers to develop conversations and post comments about specific stories. Readers will be able to add headlines and a small portion of text to the social media sites by clicking on the logos of Digg, Facebook and Newsvine. Those logos began appearing next to The Times’ stories this morning in the same box as the print and e-mail tools, although they’re initially hidden until users click the “Share” link.

The sharing feature will not be used on TimesSelect stories, the newspaper’s premium content offering, nor will it be available on staff blogs or wire stories.

While this move may be somewhat inconsistent with the Times’ demographic it’s a smart one for the paper, to expand distribution and win plaudits from bloggers and tech-savvy readers.

These days you can’t survive with only a “destination” strategy. You have to have some sort of viral and/or other distribution strategies to get your content in front of users.


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