Niches Have Their Niche

MediaPost writes today (Shankar Gupta) about a soon-to-be released study from research firm Media Screen. According to the article:

BROADBAND USERS ARE SLIGHTLY MORE likely to pay attention to ads from brand marketers when those ads appear on smaller, niche Web sites than on sites with more than one million unique visitors a month. . . For the report, Media Screen surveyed 1,356 broadband users, asking them to determine on a scale of one to seven how likely they were to be interested in products on given sites. Respondents gave 42% of the small sites (traffic of less than one million uniques) one of the top ratings, compared to 39% of the larger sites.

Let’s put aside the “slightly” qualifier. The reason for these findings is that consumers are typically more engaged in these vertical sites.

Either they’re more deeply interested in the subject matter or they’re actively looking for something (directional interest). Accordingly, they may be more focused or further along in the purchase cycle; and so they’re more qualified in the subject-specific site enviornment than a consumer on a portal or general search site. It’s why, for example, IYP sites tend to deliver more qualified local leads than general search ads.

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