Jingle Networks Announces 100 Millionth Call

 Jingle NetworksHere’s the release. Category search is supposed to launch early next year.

I’m waiting to see how that works. Google’s unconfirmed, automated voice-driven DA service (877-520-Find) already offers it, as to several other DA providers in the market. (See also, Qwest.)

Michael Arrington says that Jingle is “destorying an entrenched, $6 billion market with a free product.” Implied in that statement is that Jingle will succeed. While I agree that Jingle is helping create an appetite for free, ad supported 411 (especially among would-be competitors) it’s too early to declare Jingle any sort of winner.

It’s not yet clear that the company will survive long term (if it’s not acquired by a telco). The model or some version thereof defintiely will, however.

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