One to Many SMS: Zemble

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TechCrunch posts about another social-mobile startup with one-to-many texting capabilities, Zemble. I’ve got to run to a meeting, but, briefly, mobile-social networks are a local search alternative.

If I need an address, a map or a phone number I’m going to use mobile local search (as it’s presently constituted). But if I want a recommendation, one-to-many SMS (or its equivalent) is going to be pretty powerful — and may impact the best-laid mobile plans of the current online local search leaders.

As an aside, more sites are launching with “alpha.” This is a ridiculous, CYA (cover your ass) move. Equally ridiculous is Flickr’s “Gamma” label. Get ready for “–Omega” and then “–Psi” and so on. Enough with the Greek alphabet!


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