The ‘Two Device Scenario’

Sony DeviceMost people I know and work with who access mobile email have two devices: an email device (Treo, Crackberry or other) and a phone. While there’s no single scenario for mobile, many people are operating under the assumption that people want an all-in-one device. Some people certainly do and will. But seeing the new Sony VAIO UX mobile PC made me think again about a “two device” world in which people use “Device A” for browsing the mobile Internet and a phone for conventional voice communication.

There’s something enormously challenging about getting the form factor right for an all-in-one device: the right-sized screen, a full keyboard, as well as a phone that works and is comfortable to use. There are probably a range of devices and mobile tablets coming (e.g., Sony Reader) that will be preferable as mobile Internet devices vs. a Treo or Blackberry. Some of them will undoubtedly be phones as well or have WiFi calling capabilities.

Beyond the user experience, which I’m always harping on, affordability will be the single determinant of adoption.

Now it could be that voice-driven interfaces or interactive video or mobile social networking mitigate the shortcomings of mobile data uses on small-screen phones and make the need for “micro PCs” less pronounced. But that all remains to be seen.


Related: Here’s the NY Times (reg req’d) with a feature on new WiFi phones, including wireless implications.


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