The Best Acquisitions?

Investor/blogger Ashkan Karbasfrooshan posts about his choices for the “Ten Best Internet Acquisitions Ever.” Here’s the list (in the post he provides his rationale):

#11 – Honorary Mention: Yahoo! acquires Yoyodyne in 1998 for $39 Million

#10 – aQuantive acquires Razorfish for $160M in June 2004

#9 – Microsoft acquires Hotmail for $400M in 1998

#8 – Ask Jeeves acquires Interactive Search Holdings for $343M in March 2004

#7 – eBay acquires Paypal for $1.5B in 2002

#6 – AOL Time Warner acquires for $435M in June 2004

#5 – Yahoo! acquires Inktomi for $235M in December, 2002

#4 – Yahoo! acquires Overture for $1.63B in July, 2003

#3 – Google acquires Sprinks in October 2003

#2 – New York Times acquires for $410M in February, 2005

#1 – News Corporation acquires MySpace-parent Intermix for $580M in May 2005

Do you agree?


2 Responses to “The Best Acquisitions?”

  1. Media Blog Says:

    I kind of like Scripps acquisition of Shopzilla.

  2. Yair Zehavi Says:

    while there is no doubt the above mentioned acquisitions were indeed smart moves, I am missing the acquisitions of overture by Yahoo! and applied-semantics by Google as this were eventually the largest revenue makers for both, providing them with the PPC technology and becoming the real internet cash-cow
    What do you think about this ?

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