Waking Up to ‘Integrated’ Campaigns

Here’s an article from today’s MediaPost that discusses the need to coordinate search, online display and (gasp) traditional, offline media. For too long search has been seen as a DM/DR island; and now many folks are waking up to the ways in which “integrated” or coordinated campaigns can be extremely effective. (Search is neither entirely DR, nor a true branding medium — it’s both to varying degrees.)

From the MediaPost article:

Yahoo’s Kelly Graziadei, director of channel strategy and development, added that the company is working to coordinate search, display and offline advertising.

I wrote yesterday (scroll to the bottom) about the fact that now, as a marketer, you need a mix of traditional and online coverage to reach desired audiences.

Of those I’ve spoken to, NY-based interactive agency MakeBuzz has been way out in front in thinking about and implementing these issues for brands and marketers (including geotargeted campaigns).

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