Video, Video, Video

Lots of outlets reported yesterday — here the WSJ and LostRemote — about TiVo bringing more Web video content to TV screens. There are lots of folks either doing or working on this: starting to get Web video content onto TVs. TV content is already being widely distributed online.

Basically in a year or so TV and the Internet will be entirely a two-way street in terms of video. That has major implications for users, content producers and marketers. All of this is the subject of a much longer post I’d like to write but don’t have the time at the moment.

And then there’s the related subject of mobile video distribution (see iPod video on airplanes) but that’s another story — literally.

Here is OPA data (compiled by eMarketer) on video usage frequency. These data are from earlier this year so if this were revisited I’m sure you’d see bigger numbers today:

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